Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sydney's 1st Trip to Alabama....

Sydney is Jason's Sister's daughter who is 16 and lives in Vacaville, CA. She came to visit us for a week on her spring break and we had a blast, she bundles of fun energy!!

Had to make a pit stop and eat some Chan's food of course!

This is the beginning of our two hour road trip for a night to Atlanta.

Syd listened to music and played on facebook the whole ride and we listened to the book, "Lincoln Lawyer"(fyi...Great!!!).

Syd and I were twinkies(matching twins if anyone doesnt understand.....like DANIELLE!!!) we both had braids!

We went to Atlanta to spend a day at the Aquarium and it was so big and awesome!!

Of course while she was her us girls did some sun bathing poolside!

This wasnt suppose to be in here, but its from my last post of my projects...lol!!

This was the end resolute after cutting....isnt she cute as can be!!!!!!

Syd had super long hair when she came and we decided to make a fun change and cut almost 5 inches off(and yes her mother knew about it).
And again I am sorry cause these last ones are in the wrong order....this is before cut!!!!

But Syd it was great fun to have u, we cant wait for ya to come back soon!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Recent Projects (this is for my parents)

I bought two of these frames at the Antique mall and painted them and sanded them to have that rustic look.

Made this flower and added it to the lamp....gives it some fun flavor!

Also a antique mall purchase. Painted it and added fun cute new knobs!!

I have been decorating our guest bedroom and I have been trying to be creative to give me some fun projects to work on. We have had this huge plain bulletin board so I figured everyone else has been covering them and making them cute.....so can I!!!

I bought this old stool used at a antique mall(as u can tell I loved the place, they had everything and great cheap prices). I added the fabric and padded, painted and then sanded it to look rustic(but u can't really tell in this pic).

These are the curtains I bought for the room. They are a light green and they are a little different. They have pick ups like on wedding dresses(the fabric gathers together all over). I thought it was cool and girlie!!!

This was the
same fabric I covered the stool with(got it from hobby lobby....best store ever!!). Then just added fun ribbon

Trying it out on the wall before I added the frame

Then got crown molding and cut it to make it into a frame. It was fun and definitely exciting and new(little bit of a fun challenge).

My finish project....I added some cute buttons and flowers to the ribbon where it touched but u can't see it!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Playing catch up.....

Well I have been slacking lately and not been keeping all my pictures updated, I apologize!!! Sooooo here goes a ton of stuff you may have missed.....

My Cousin Denise from California came to visit us in Birmingham, She came in September for about a week and we had a blast together.......we did lots of girly stuff.....you know manicures, pedicures facials and girly movies!!!!

Jason took Denise to her first Alabama football game(I had to work...booooo) but they had fun!

Another fun thing we did while she was here was take a painting class, I had done it before and loved it. We turned out to be quite the artists!!! lol!

Jason's Birthday was in November and we rented a small cute little cabin a few hours away from our house. It was a short and sweet birthday trip!

The cabin had a real wood burning fireplace and we kept it going the whole time....it actually turned out to be super cold while we were there so it was perfect!!! Jason said the fireplace was his favorite part!

This was on Thanksgiving, Jason craved the turkey.....and as you can see was extremely excited about that!!!

After turkey we did our traditional guitar hero wars and then did this new "just dance" stuff.....just have to say hilarious(can't remember the last time Jason made me laugh so hard I cried)!!!!!!LOL!!

And of course Christmas Eve at the Robert's in Nashville. We were all helping Santa put together the gifts.....

.....and as you can see Jason was just loving every minute of it!!!

Jason was sporting an adorable new look he made up.....his Christmas pjs with a robe over them and his new polo jacket on top of that(notice it looks like he's wearing a dress...so fashionable!!!) ha ha

Mother and Daughter, Stacy and Miss Lilly opening gifts!

Jay's striking a pose!!!!!

Got a new Dooney...YAY!!!!!

And shortly after presents and breakfast Jason took his normal Christmas day nap( but in his behalf I think we were up at about 7 with the kids) and this time Spike joined him!!

And all the girls.....Nancy(Jay's step mom), Stacy, ME and Laurie!!!
Hope everyone had as wonderful holiday season as we did!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Florida trip for Micheal Buble concert

So for my birthday in May I opened an envelope with Michael Buble Concerts ticket in it....but the concert wasn't until July 13th in Pensacola Florida. It was a short 2 day trip and only 4 hours away from where we live(which is nice). We invited a few friends to join us since we rented a 3 bedroom condo on the beach.....the condo was beautiful and so was the beach!!! LOVE the beach and the white sand!!!!

Myself, Chasity and Jessica

This was my friend Chasity playing Vanna White and showing off our awesome condo!!


The girls just striking a pose by a palm tree!!

This was looking out at the beach one evening while we were sitting at a restaurant having dinner!


Matt and Jess and Chasity all hanging out on the beach

Jason and myself right before we were going to the concert, we were standing out on our patio....not to bad of a view..huh!!!

Michael Buble here we come!!!!

The concert was great and we had the best seats!!!! I love me some Buble!!!!! Thanks again....Jason, you are the best!!

This was the view from our seats